Rhonda Carlson, MD

Family Medicine

Welcome to Direct Primary Care in Chico, California!

We are happy to offer a "new old-fashioned" family medicine practice which honors the classic doctor-patient relationship.  Back in the day, families had one doctor that they saw for all their basic needs. Direct care is getting back to those roots. 

We provide medical care directly to you and your family for a reasonable monthly membership fee without requiring insurance for that care.  Easy physician access, relaxed visits, and smaller practice size allow for a more personalized experience.  Greater continuity of care leads to better-informed healthcare decisions and more time for preventative care.

There are no copays or deductibles and no extra charge for primary care services, tests and medications routinely provided by Dr. Carlson in our office. Your insurance continues to function as usual outside our office.

Thank you so much for your interest but our practice is currently full. We are no longer accepting new patients.